Nick and Elles Vintage Themed Wedding

Immerse yourself in the charm of a lakeside wedding where vintage vibes and fun filled the air. This celebration was effortlessly Pinterest-worthy, with its creative touches and a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. Guests basked in the ambiance of braziers by the lake, enjoyed artisan pizzas from a Land Rover turned pizza oven, and treated themselves to ice cream and a whisky bar as the evening unfolded.

Highlighting the night, bride and blues singer Elles Bailey took the stage to perform a heartfelt song written specifically for the occasion, adding a deeply personal and unforgettable touch to the festivities. Surrounded by love, music, and the beauty of nature, this wedding was not just an event but a joyful expression of Nick and Elles' journey together.

Photography credits

A and K

Personal note

Thank you for all your hard work, before, during and afterwards, to help make our day so perfect! We had the best day and could not have done it without you! You were essential to everything we did! Literally thank you to the moon and back!


Hugo and Clemmie's Ginger Wigs Themed 21st


A party with a difference! This was a real treat to work on; we had organised themed parties many times before but nothing quite like this! The theme 'black tie with ginger wigs' presented a riot of colour putting a smile on the guests' faces as soon as they arrived. 

Hugo and Clemmie's 21st was not your average birthday bash. Imagine walking into a party where elegance meets outright silliness. Right from the get-go, it was clear this was a celebration where laughter was the dress code.

The decor? Imagine the wildest, most colourful fever dream turned reality. Colourful pompoms and paper lanterns dangled from the ceiling like a carnival, setting the stage for a night where the ordinary was banned. The tables were covered in patterns so loud topped with giant martini glasses that looked like they’d been plucked from a cartoon—palm leaves, tropical flowers, and all.

Hugo and Clemmie's 21st was a testament to their infectious joy and knack for throwing a party that was as ridiculous as it was riveting. No pretence, no posturing—just pure fun. As the night danced itself into the wee hours, it was a sight to behold—a sea of ginger heads, bobbing to the beat. It was clear this wasn’t just any birthday party. It was a celebration of not taking life too seriously, and most importantly, of friendship and laughter.

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Richard and Janes summer evening tipi party

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Richard and Jane's Summer Evening Party


A night filled with great food, music and even better company. As the sun set over the surrounding countryside the dancing shoes came on and stayed until the early hours of the morning! 

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