James and Barbara's Three Day Festival Wedding

This festival themed wedding was a three day event with the wedding taking place on the Saturday, a party on the Sunday, and a nice slow brunch on the Monday. Guests were able to fully relax and recover with live music, hot tubs and hot showers on site, as well as bell tents for the full under canvas, glamping festival experience.

The wedding itself was an occasion full of atmospheric brilliance. Set in a clear span marquee, guests were able to enjoy the evening under the night sky. The Brookman Greene styling team worked to create a unique light installation using vintage ladders and Edison lightbulbs that sat above the dining tables, adding that extra little something to the event.

Personal note

"Ruth and her team at Brookman Greene were absolutely incredible at helping us put together our wedding and we couldn't have done it without them!" ~ Barbara & James


Alex and Poppy's Elegant Wedding


Alex and Poppy's wedding was a masterpiece of elegance, blending subtle Renaissance touches into a day that was breathtakingly beautiful. It was a celebration where beauty, love, and joy intertwined, making it a truly unforgettable occasion for a couple as remarkable on the inside as they are out.

The festivities lasted until the early hours, with the devoted couple bidding farewell to the last of their guests at 4am, a testament to the unforgettable nature of the day and the warmth of their hospitality.

The floral arrangements, crafted with exquisite taste by Ruby and The Wolf, added an ethereal beauty to the setting. Poppy, in a touch of personal creativity and skill, designed her own wedding bouquet, a stunning creation that perfectly complemented her look.

Taylor and Porter beautifully captured the day's magic in their editorial-style film photography. Their work not only captured the visible beauty but also the genuine emotions and nuanced elegance of the event.

In every aspect, the wedding was a perfect reflection of Alex and Poppy's journey together—utterly beautiful, deeply meaningful, and filled with moments that will be cherished forever.

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Bowman Mountain Top Tipi party tn

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The Bowman Mountain Top Tipi Party


The Black mountains in Wales created the perfect backdrop for Eddie, Emma, Lara & Lucca’s spectacular party and was certainly not one to be missed!  Elegant dining was topped off by fabulous dancing, and a most incredible choreographed firework display, that took you out of this world and lit up the mountains beyond.

The guests then enjoyed the cosy tipi tent experience right through the night and into breakfast the next morning. It was logistically a very challenging event due to its unique location which made it even more incredible to be part of.

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