Charlie, Natalia & Honor’s Joint Birthday Celebration

This joint birthday celebration was meticulously hosted within an ensemble of five interconnected tipi tents. This arrangement was marked by elongated, elegantly set trestle tables and benches, extending through the entire tipi formation. Adding to the ambiance, the tipi poles themselves were wrapped in fairy lights, adding a glow and warmth to the evening.

Guests enjoyed a gourmet buffet by Mary Rose Weston catering offering a selection of fresh vibrant salads and roasted meats, prepared on-site to achieve the perfect blend of flavours. The experience was complemented by expertly mixed cocktails, presented with flair by seasoned mixologists.

As night descended, the skies were set alight with an awe-inspiring firework display choreographed to music. In addition to the festivity's main attractions, the tipis featured cosy fire pits and a welcoming chill-out area, offering a serene escape for guests seeking a moment of down time.

Personal note

You were enormously fun and unstressful leading up to the event. All your ideas were fab and executed beautifully! The attention to detail was superb. The tents, food, service, fireworks, chill out, lighting, braziers and so much more were top, top, top!


John and Issie's Quaint Garden Wedding


In the heart of the Cotswolds, tucked away in the tranquility of their own back garden, John and Issie's wedding unfolded as a quintessentially British celebration. This idyllic setting, surrounded by quaint charm, provided a picturesque backdrop for their special day. Dusky pinks and soft greens wove a theme of subtle sophistication throughout the event, creating a serene and elegant atmosphere.

The couple's garden was transformed into a romantic oasis, where family and friends gathered under the gentle glow of string lights and the embrace of nature. The intimacy of the venue added to the warmth and personal feel of the celebration, making every moment feel uniquely theirs.

It was a day that perfectly captured the essence of a classic British wedding—timeless, understated, and deeply personal, set against the unparalleled beauty of the Cotswolds.

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Hugo and Clemmie's Ginger Wigs Themed 21st


A party with a difference! This was a real treat to work on; we had organised themed parties many times before but nothing quite like this! The theme 'black tie with ginger wigs' presented a riot of colour putting a smile on the guests' faces as soon as they arrived. 

Hugo and Clemmie's 21st was not your average birthday bash. Imagine walking into a party where elegance meets outright silliness. Right from the get-go, it was clear this was a celebration where laughter was the dress code.

The decor? Imagine the wildest, most colourful fever dream turned reality. Colourful pompoms and paper lanterns dangled from the ceiling like a carnival, setting the stage for a night where the ordinary was banned. The tables were covered in patterns so loud topped with giant martini glasses that looked like they’d been plucked from a cartoon—palm leaves, tropical flowers, and all.

Hugo and Clemmie's 21st was a testament to their infectious joy and knack for throwing a party that was as ridiculous as it was riveting. No pretence, no posturing—just pure fun. As the night danced itself into the wee hours, it was a sight to behold—a sea of ginger heads, bobbing to the beat. It was clear this wasn’t just any birthday party. It was a celebration of not taking life too seriously, and most importantly, of friendship and laughter.

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