Charles and Kate's Cornish Country Wedding

Charles and Kate's Cornish wedding, stands out as a day filled with genuine moments and a warm, inviting atmosphere that welcomed all in attendance. Their celebration wasn't just about the spectacle but about creating lasting memories with those they hold dear.

The ceremony, held in a quaint church by the Tamar estuary, provided an intimate setting for the exchange of vows. This moment, framed by the natural beauty of Cornwall, transitioned seamlessly into a vibrant reception and evening celebration.

Guests were welcomed to the reception through an avenue of trees, each adorned with festoon lights. This enchanting entryway led to a marquee where the atmosphere was alive with conversation and laughter, highlighting the sense of community and joy that characterised the entire day.

The reception decor struck a perfect balance between elegance and a laid-back boho vibe. Flowers, styled with a bohemian flair, added pops of colour and texture throughout the space, harmonising with the natural surroundings. Kate's choice of a half-up, half-down hairstyle, embellished with flowers was effortlessly fitting with the day's aesthetic. This, along with the thoughtful touches seen in the day's styling, reflected a theme of natural beauty and understated elegance.

From the initial planning stages to the final moments of the special day, working with Charles, Kate, and their families was a highlight for the BG team. Their vision for a day celebrated their journey together, without undue fuss but with plenty of style, came to life in every detail.


Charlie and Karina's Woodland Yurt Wedding


This beautiful wedding was fun filled with family and friends cosily gathered in an amazing long yurt. The guests were seated at rustic tables and benches, decorated with garden flowers, glass candlesticks and linen table runners. Outside everyone enjoyed a chill out area, with fire pits and far reaching views!

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Jon and Hollys Summer Meadow Marquee Wedding TN

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Jon and Holly's Summer Meadow Marquee Wedding


Jon and Holly's wedding day was beautifully rooted in the simplicity and charm of the Cotswolds. Their ceremony took place in a traditional church in the quaint village of West Kington. The celebration then moved to a private residence, where the reception was held in a marquee that perfectly complemented the surrounding English countryside.

The decor around the marquee featured large terracotta pots and an array of flowers and lanterns, creating a setting that was both elegant and welcoming. The couple had also invested time into planting a wildflower meadow, guiding guests through a natural path of blooms to the reception. Inside the marquee, the decor was equally impressive, showcasing a mix of simple greens and whites, complemented by brass candlesticks and bud vases. A subtle but charming nod to Jon and Holly's favourite Cornish villages as table names added a personal touch that further enriched the setting.

With friends and family gathered, the event was a heartfelt celebration of Jon and Holly's commitment to each other. It was a day marked by personal touches, from the carefully chosen decor to the wildflower meadow, reflecting the couple's journey and the natural beauty of their chosen venue.

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